Biology Department

Biology Department

Student Application for Summer Research Funding through the Biology Department or Neuroscience Program

February 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM

1) In fewer than 300 words, please describe the summer research project in which you will engage, including a brief theoretical context.

2) How would you identify your field of research (e.g. conservation biology, developmental biology, ecology, epidemiology, molecular and cellular biology, neuroscience)?  Which of the these awards described do you think is most suitable?

3) In fewer than 100 words, please describe previous experiences that have prepared you to successfully complete this summer’s research.

4) In fewer than 100 words, please describe your future academic or career goals and how this summer experience is likely to encourage those goals.

5) In fewer than 100 words, please describe your past participation within the community of the Biology Department, Neuroscience program, Muhlenberg campus, or local community (no more than four highlighted activities).

6) Do you have any other obligations (e.g. classes, other work, internships) that may affect your ability to work full time (40hrs/week) on this project? If so, please describe.

7) The deadline for submission of the application is Monday, February 10, 2014 at 4:00 pm. You must submit your application in PDF format via email to Dr. Elizabeth McCain, Chair of Biology. Please CC yourself on the email so you can be sure the email was received.

8) Your faculty mentor (the person in whose lab you will be working) needs to answer a series of questions as well. Please forward the link below to your mentor and double-check to be sure that s/he has submitted the application by the deadline. For Faculty Questionairre click here.