Biology Department


    Public School Teachers


    Laura Keding - Bethlehem, PA Area School District

    Name: Laura Keding

    School District : Bethlehem Area School District - Broughal Middle School

    Description of role in this project:

    As an RET (Research Experience for Teachers) participant I assist in the research activites of undergraduate participants, specifically during the execution of experiments in the field. In addition, I work on the development of web-based curriculum as well as methods of incorporating field techniques that are applicable to the classroom environment of a K-12 teacher.

    Contact info:

      Laura M. Keding
      NSF-CRUI (RET)
      Department of Biology
      Muhlenberg College
      2400 Chew Street
      Allentown, PA  18104

      484-664-3742 (phone)
      484-664-3002 (FAX) (e-mail)





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