Biology Department

Patrick Williams

  Patrick E. Williams
  Assistant Professor of Biology and
  Shankweiler 241S



B.S., biology, Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D., neural science, New York University
Post-doctoral study, University of Arizona

Courses Taught

Brain and Behavior (NSC 310)
Neurons and Networks (NSC 311)
Advanced Seminar in Neuroscience (NSC 401)

Research Interests

Neuronal coding of visual stimuli in an insect model; physiology of neural circuits in the visual system; sensory neuroscience

Recent Publications and Abstracts

Williams PE, Strausfeld NJ (in preparation) Orientation selectivity of spiking neurons in lobula and lateral protocerebrum of Neobellieria bullata.

Williams PE, Xing D, Hawken MJ, Shapley RM (submitted) Laminar dependence of complex cell response dynamics in macaque V1.

Yeh C-I, Xing D, Williams PE, and Shapley RM (2009) Stimulus ensemble and cortical layer determine V1 spatial receptive fields. PNAS 106:14652-14657.

Williams PE, Shapley RM (2007) A dynamic nonlinearity and spatial phase specificity in macaque V1 neurons. J Neurosci 27:5706-5718.

Williams PE, Mechler F, Gordon J, Shapley R, Hawken MJ (2004) Entrainment to video displays in primary visual cortex of macaque and humans. J Neurosci 24:8278-8288.

Carrasco M, Williams PE, and Yeshurun Y (2002) Covert attention increases spatial resolution with or without masks: Support for signal enhancement. Journal of Vision 2:467-479.