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Rich plays Ice Hockey! In fact it is a 2-3 night per week addiction! He is currently plays for the "Vegas Trippers" of the Bethlehem PA Geezer League.








Muhlenberg Alumni Game 2008

Alumni Game
fathers of time champions

Spring 2008 - Fathers of Time - Charity Tournament Champions

All monies raised by the tournament went to benefit Joshua and Joy:

A boy named Joshua.

Joshua is a young boy who has a rare muscle disease called FOPA. This disease turns muscle into bone. After speaking to Joshua's parents the question was asked what can our Charity do for him. The parents would like to get a Tempur Pedic mattress to help him sleep. Just sleeping on a regular mattress can cause bruises and adhesions to his body.

Due to the great participation and donations from such a large group as ours, we will be able to do a little better than a mattress. Joshua Scoble will receive a full remote control bed with the therapeutic mattress that his parents had suggested. We wish young Joshua the best.

A lady named Joy.

Joy is a woman born with a disease that literally destroyed her heart. Her daughter died of the same disease and left a child behind. Joy had a heart transplant and was supposed to live only a few years. Well that was 8 years ago and she is still alive living on borrowed time. Joy's husband left her for a younger woman and will not allow Joy to visit her grandchild, Joy's only living relative. Joy receives $600.00 monthly social security disability which hardly pays for her medicines, food and living expenses. In order to help this woman, our Charity will donate enough money to pay some of her utility bills for the next year.

watching hockey


Watching - just as fun as playing! Can you spot the "dew rag" ?

Spring 2007: Team Tylenol wins T2 Geezer Cup 6-2 against Excedrin!!!


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Sophie plays ice hockey too!!




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