Environmental and Cultural Conservation in Latin AmericaCosta Rica Research Projects Index


Volume 1


Environmental and Cultural Conservation in Latin America - Research Projects Performed in 2005


Research Project

Jessica Reichler

A Comparison of Crime and the Criminal Justice Systems in Rural and Urban Communities in Costa Rica


and the United States

Abra Like

El ciclo de mercurio y filtrar por los arboles cerca de la Cuenca en Las Juntas de Abangares de Costa Rica

Amy Schmidt

Evaluation and comparison of health care in rural regions of Costa Rica

Ted Gordon

Que Piense la Gente del Ecotourismo?

Michael Ett

Ranchers and Residents: Do both affect Aquatic Life?

Daniel Skoczylas

Smaller is Better; When Discussing Farming

Matt Lundy

The Effect of Mining on the Community of Las Juntas, Costa Rica

Becky Giuditta

The Effects of Agriculture and Cattle Ranching; Using Macro-Invertebrates to Evaluate the River Quality

Sarun Thomas

The Use of Social Factors to Improve the Health Care System in Costa Rica



Volume 2


Environmental and Cultural Conservation in Latin America - Research Projects Performed in 2006


Research Project

Rachel Levarek

A look inside the “silent epidemic” of dental and oral diseases plaguing similar socio-demographic groups within the United States and Las Juntas, Costa Rica

Kate Ponte

A Study of the Success of Small Businesses in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Allison Hardy

Attitudes toward Recycling and Waste Management Problems in Las Juntas, Costa Rica

Kristen DelMastro

Comparing Prenatal Healthcare in Las Juntas, Costa Rica to Prenatal Healthcare in the Rural United States

Sarah Cappello

Grass Fed or Grain Fed? Beef Cattle Nutrition and Corresponding Public Health Issues within the Beef Industries of Rural Costa Rica and the United States

Katherine Pearson

Sustainable Business Development in Costa Rica

Maura Lane

The Coliform Bacteria Contamination of the Abangares Watershed

Allison Ordemann

The Effect of Diet and Exercise Patterns of Costa Rican Women on their Cardiovascular Health

Jacy Good

The Effects and Attitudes of Globalization in Las Juntas, Costa Rica

Marianne Cataldo

The effects of fragmentation on Lepidoptera diversity in Costa Rica

Elizabeth Houtsma

Women, Las Juntas, and Medicinal Plants



Volume 3


Environmental and Cultural Conservation in Latin America - Research Projects Performed in 2007


Research Project

Suzanne Wasserman

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in Las Juntas

Lauren Gotterer

An assessment of pain care options and cancer treatment in Las Juntas

Maria Tranguch

Awareness and Motivation for more Sustainable Gold Extraction Processes in Las Juntas, Costa Rica

Adam Carter

Comparison of Water Quality and Stream Health Between Four Different Streams in Costa Rica

Anthony Russo

Escherichia coli in Aquatic Systems and its effect on Public Health

Jillian Carnrick

Invasive Plants in Costa Rica

Matthew Balaban

Investigation on Nitrate and Ammonia Levels in River Water with Regard to Nearby Cattle Ranching

Ally Ivaniski

Macroinvertebrates and Environmental Pollution Indicators

Ashley Rider

Perceptions, Prevalence and Programs Pertaining to Obesity in Las Juntas, Costa Rica

Tara Pistilli

Pesticide Use in Costa Rica: The Environmental and Health Related Effects

Cari Baumgartner

Production and marketing of recycled goods by Coopeproca of Las Juntas

Mark Wiseman

The risk and relevance of prevention for Dengue fever in Las Juntas, Costa Rica



Volume 4


Environmental and Cultural Conservation in Latin America - Research Projects Performed in 2008


Research Project

Christopher Barth

A Comparative Study of Oral Health regarding Socioeconomic Class in Las Juntas, Costa Rica

Lindsay Munz

Aggregation of Larval Lepidoptera: Advantageous or Fatal

Emily Strode

Ecotourism in Las Juntas: A study of tourism in small town Costa Rica.

Michele Sasso

Ecotourism: Understanding a Community

Alana Torres

Education, Employment, and the Economy in Las Juntas de Abangares, Costa Rica

Brian Kosmyna

Effect of Gold Mining and the Use of Mercury by Gold Miners in Las Juntas de Abangares, Costa Rica

Erin Jo Tiedeken

Investigating Levels of Coliform Bacteria and Chlorine to Determine Water Quality in La Cuenca


  Abangares, Costa Rica, Spring of 2008

Ross Cohen

Land Use Management Strategies and Techniques in Costa Rica:  An Investigation of Farm Soil Quality


 as an Indicator of Agricultural Eco-efficiency

Gabrielle Luongo

Los Mineros in Las Juntas:  The dangers, benefits, traditions, and controversies involved in the gold


mining industry in Costa Rica.

Stephanie Flackman

Pesticide Poisoning in Costa Rica: Connecting the Application of Toxic Chemicals to Effects on Human Health

Kara Blum

Supporting Conservation through Animal Folklore

Samantha Pulliam

The Effects of Obesity and Nutritional Education on Costa Rican Students

Valerie Brown

Water Quality of la Cuenca Abangares en Las Juntas, Costa Rica: Analysis of water pollution using


benthic macroinvertebrates.

Justin Richer

We Are What We Eat: Market Analysis of Agricultural Systems