Biology Department


Chrysan CroninChrysan Cronin

New Science Building 113


B.S.  University of New Hampshire
M.S.  New Mexico State University
MPH  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Courses Taught

Concepts of Biology: Human Biology, Science & Society (BIO 101)
Concepts of Biology in Practice (BIO 105)
Principles of Biology II (BIO 151)
Principles of Biology III (Bio 152)
Applied Physiology (BIO 350)
First Year Seminar: Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance
Issues in Public Health

Research Interests

My research focuses on environmental health issues associated with the process of hydraulic fracturing, a process used to drill for and obtain natural gas. There is currently little data available on the chemicals used in this process, but for those chemicals that are used, the health effects may be adverse to humans. In addition, there is an increased volume of truck traffic that contributes to poor air quality in the communities around the sites as millions of gallons of water and sand are brought in for the operation, and natural gas is carried away. The aim of my research is to determine if there is an association between the increase in air pollution and a higher incidence of respiratory illnesses and other illnesses among workers and neighbors near the site location.
In addition to my own research, I also mentor research students during the academic year who are interested in environmental health issues, and other public health issues. Currently, I have a research student who is testing chicken from local grocery stores for Campylobacter, a known food pathogen, to determine its prevalence. Students who are self-motivated and interested in developing similar projects are welcome to meet with me to design their own research projects.