Entrepreneurial Studies


Muhlenberg College Startup Experience
Building Sustainable Cities, one new venture at a time.

This intensive 2-day workshop simulates the new venture creation process. It challenges students to learn and practice team-based problem solving, ideation, and business model development to create a working foundation for a viable new project in the theme of Sustainable Cities.

What you’ll do during the workshop

  •    •   Work in teams with other young innovators to generate actionable solutions quickly
    •    •   Learn an idea generation and refinement process that will be useful in many
             organizational settings
         •   Deploy your leadership, creativity, and teamwork skills
    • Learn to think and work like an entrepreneur!

      •    •   The entrepreneurial mindset
        •    •   Opportunity identification and evaluation
             •   Design thinking
            •    •   Business model innovation
              •    •   Rapid prototyping
                   •   Collaboration and teamwork
              •    •   Leadership
                   •   Practice presentation skills