Entrepreneurial Studies



The Entrepreneurial Studies Program

The program emphasizes the importance of innovative and critical thinking, of careful planning, and of adaptation and flexibility that together represent the philosophy and technique of entrepreneurship. Through a combination of course instruction, hands-on internships, small business simulations, and independent research, the program strives to equip students with the well-founded confidence to assume the appropriate and calculated risks fundamental to meaningful life and career choices.

Launched in the early 1990s by Dr. Paul Frary, the Entrepreneurial Studies program at Muhlenberg was one of the first entrepreneurship programs to be established at a liberal arts college. Today the program maintains its distinction through its unique combination of academics and practicing entrepreneurs. The program also incorporates local entrepreneurs in the surrounding community, and cultivates opportunities for students to learn from those in the midst of building businesses. These relationships offer an immediate context in which students can apply theory, and gain exposure to the local business community in ways that can further their development beyond the walls of Muhlenberg.