Entrepreneurial Studies


The Entrepreneurial Studies Program

The entrepreneurial studies concentration is designed for students who want to assume responsibilities for a family business, take an entrepreneurial approach to address existing social problems, establish their own venture to bring a new product or service to market, or develop an entrepreneurial mindset to enhance their competitiveness in the job market. Students will understand the theory and practice behind entrepreneurship, develop business models and business plans, consider financing mechanisms, and participate in an entrepreneurial practicum experience. In addition, the program features an annual campus-wide competition open to students from any major, in which students compete for “seed money” by developing and pitching a plan for an innovative product or service that solves a market or social problem.

The program emphasizes the importance of innovative and critical thinking, of careful planning, and of adaptation and flexibility that together represent the philosophy and technique of entrepreneurship. Through a combination of course instruction, hands-on internships, small business simulations, and independent research, the program strives to equip students with the well-founded confidence to assume the appropriate and calculated risks fundamental to meaningful life and career choices.

BUS 351 Entrepreneurial Studies
BUS 433 Entrepreneurship Policy & Strategy
BUS 475 CUE: Business Policy & Strategy
BUS 352 Small Business Management
BUS 965 Entrepreneurial Practicum