Office of the Registrar


Department Chairs / Program Directors

Accounting Dr. Holmes Miller Ettinger
Africana Studies Roberta Meek Ettinger
American Studies Dr. Chris Borick Ettinger
Anthropology Dr. Janine Chi Sociology / Anthropology
Art Dr. Margo Hobbs Center for the Arts
Asian Studies Dr. Kammie Takahashi Moyer
Biochemistry Drs. Colabroy & Hark New Science
Biology Dr. Elizabeth McCain New Science
Business Admin Dr. Holmes Miller Ettinger
Chemistry Dr. Bruce Anderson Trumbower
Computer Science Dr. Elyn Rykken Trumbower
Dana Scholars Dr. Mohsin Hashim Ettinger
Dance Karen Dearborn Trexler Pavilion
Economics Dr. Holmes Miller Ettinger
Education Dr. Michael Carbone Moyer
English Dr. Barri Gold Center for the Arts
Environmental Sci Dr. Jason Kelsey New Science
Film Studies Dr. Paul McEwan Walson
Finance Dr. Holmes Miller Ettinger
First Year Seminars

Drs. Rosenwasser & Stephen

Center for the Arts
Geography Dr. Mark Stein Ettinger
German Studies Dr. Franz Birgel Ettinger
History Dr. Mark Stein Ettinger
International Studies Dr. Chris Herrick Ettinger
Jewish Studies Dr. Jessica Cooperman Moyer
Lang, Lit, & Culture Dr. Eileen McEwan Ettinger
Mathematics Dr. Elyn Rykken Trumbower
Media and Comm Dr. Jeff Pooley Walson
Music Dr. Doug Ovens Center for the Arts
Natural Science Dr. Joe Keane Trumbower
Philosophy Dr. Ted Schick Moyer
Phil/Political Thought Drs. Gambino & Sistare Ettinger/Moyer
Physical Education Linda Andrews Life Sports Center
Physical Science Dr. Jane Flood Trumbower
Physics Dr. Jane Flood Trumbower
Pol Econ & Pub Pol Dr. Chris Herrick Ettinger
Political Science Dr. Michele Deegan Ettinger
Psychology Dr. Mark Sciutto Moyer
Public Health Chrysan Cronin New Science
Religion Dr. William Gruen Moyer
R.J. Fellows Dr. Lora Taub Moyer
Russian Studies Dr. Luba Iskold Ettinger
Sociology Dr. Janine Chi Sociology / Anthropology
Sustainability Stud Dr. Rich Niesenbaum New Science
Theatre Dr. Beth Schachter Trexler Pavilion
Women's & Gender Studies Dr. Marcia Morgan Moyer