Purchasing Department


Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisition is the formal request to purchase and should be filled out for anything that is being requested for purchase.

Filling Out the Forms

1.Vendor's full name, most recent address, and fax number
If you do not know where the item will be purchased please leave
this space blank and Purchasing will determine the vendor.

2.Source of Pricing
If you have received either a written or verbal price quote
indicate in this space. Please include the name of the person
providing the quote and attach copies of written quotes.

3.Requested by
The name of the person actually requesting the item - this is the
person to whom it will be delivered.

Please include telephone number and fax number of the vendor if

5.Telephone extension
The number that should be called if Purchasing or the vendor has
any questions relating to the order.

6.Date Needed
The actual date on which the item is needed. Please do not use
ASAP - this does not mean anything to a vendor - a specific time
frame must be given. If the need for the item is urgent, please call
Purchasing and we will expedite.

The name of the department where the item should be delivered.

Signature of department head approving the purchase and
expenditure of funds from the department account number.

9.Department Acct. Charge
The nine digit account number and the five digit project number to where the items are to be charged.


11.Catalog Number

Description of items being requested

13.Unit Cost

14.Total Cost