Office of the Provost


2004 Summer Research Grants

Grants were awarded based on competitive applications and upon the recommendation of the Faculty Development and Scholarship Committee. Awards ranged from $500-$3100.

  • Christopher Borick (Political Science) - to conduct research on suburban sprawl in the United States.

  • Greg Cicconetti (Mathematical Sciences) - to develop two-stage sequential sampling methodologies.

  • Michael Clark (History) - to complete work on a monograph on Athenian history.

  • Francesca Coppa (English) - to write two essays for an interdisciplinary performance studies anthology on magic.

  • Penelope Dunham (Mathematical Sciences) - to develop a new 100-level geometry course for Spring 2005.

  • Joseph Elliott (Art) - take complete photographic work at Las Juntas for a book entitled In Exchange for Gold: The Legacy of Mining in Las Juntas de Abangares, Costa Rica.

  • Mohsin Hashim (Political Science) - to write a paper analyzing the Russian state's capacity to implement structural reforms.

  • Christine Ingersoll (Chemistry) - to develop and implement an automated sample preparation for the analysis of tannins in real samples.

  • Erika Iyengar (Biology) - to conduct research on kleptoparasitic snails at the Friday Harbor Laboratories.

  • Susan Kahlenberg (Communication) - to complete papers based on research into the interrelationship of various attributes portrayed on prime time television.

  • Jason Kelsey (Environmental Science) - to conduct research in soil pollutants.

  • Christopher Kovats-Bernat (Sociology & Anthropology) - to research street children in Brazil for his book, The Contexts of Childhood: Youth, Culture, and Place in Five Societies.

  • Tammy Lewis (Sociology & Anthropology) - to conduct research that examines the consequences of North American foundation funding on South American environmental movement organizations.

  • Lanethea Mathews-Gardner (Political Science) - to develop a course entitled The American Presidency.

  • Francine Roussel (Theatre & Dance) - to continue writing screenplay entitled Brise Marine.

  • Judith Ridner (History) - to complete final revisions of a book manuscript entitled A Town Between Regions: Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1750-1800.

  • Beth Schachter (Theatre & Dance) - to research and write an article entitled "No More Shakespeare-oes: Why New York Critics Lauded Mc' Henry IV and Loathed Henry V ."

  • Susan Schwartz (Religion) - to contribute to a collection of essays on the topic of magic and to begin work on a new book.

  • Mark Sciutto (Psychology) - to compile a test manual for the Knowledge of Attention Deficit Disorders Scale (KADDS).

  • Grant Scott (English) - to help defray the expenses for illustrations to Joseph Severn: Letters and Memoirs .

  • Scott Sherk (Art) - to produce a series of drawings and sculpture from a life model.

  • Mark Stein (History) - to investigate the Ottoman Empire's conduct of sieges during the mid-seventeenth century.

  • Connie Wolfe (Psychology) - to conduct a study exploring self-esteem and contingencies of worth.