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Development and Scholarship FAQ's: Applying for the Robert C. Williams Award

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Eligibility Form
Robert C. Williams Award

Name: ______________________________   
Dept. _____________________   Years at Muhlenberg:____      

The questions below are meant to help Faculty Development and Scholarship Committee understand the significance of scholarly work beyond its own immediate areas of expertise.  Please tell the Committee what you think it needs to know about a) your recent scholarship--i.e. the work upon which your application for the Williams Award is based; b) your current project(s); and c) the significance of such work as it is understood within your field.  Please limit yourself to the space provided, and please attach an updated C.V. to this form.

a) Please list your recently completed work.







b) Please describe your current research project(s).







c) Please provide any additional information which illustrates the importance of the above work; for example, the relative quality, prestige, and/or competitiveness of the press, journal, or performance venue where it was presented; the significance of the work within the parameters of your discipline; the number and/or quality of reviews; or any other information that would help FDSC recognize this work as particularly distinguished.