President's Office


Working Resolution (Approved by Muhlenberg Board of Trustees 1/10/04)


A. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES . The Board shall have the authority to elect a Board of Observers as set forth herein. The Board of Observers shall provide a pool of accomplished volunteers committed to the welfare of Muhlenberg College who will serve on Visiting Committees to academic and administrative departments and offer advice to the President and the Board on the strengths and challenges of visited departments and programs.


  1. NUMBER AND TERM OF OFFICE. There shall be no more than 60 members of the Board of Observers at any one time. Observers shall serve four-year terms, renewable for a second four-year term before a mandatory break-year. Observer terms begin on the first July 1 following the candidate's election.
  2. NOMINATION AND ELECTION . Names of candidates for the Muhlenberg Board of Observers shall be submitted to the President of the College, who will present them to the Board Nominations Committee. Candidates shall be nominated and elected in accordance with the Nominations Procedures utilized for the nomination and election of Board Members. The President shall have the authority to appoint a Chair of all visiting committees and assign approved candidates to visiting committees under this Board of Observers Program.

C. DUTIES, PRIVILEGES, AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF OBSERVERS . Observers will be expected to participate in the annual New Trustee Orientation program for Board Members in the first year of their first term. Observers will also be invited to attend the annual October Board meeting, and to robe and march with Trustees at Freshman Convocation and Commencement. Observers' principal responsibility will be to participate in at least one visiting committee to an academic or administrative department or program within each four-year term. Visiting committee members will typically read extensive briefing materials in preparation for a two-day campus visit, will meet on-campus with the President, appropriate Vice President, Dean, or Provost, Department Head, faculty, students, and staff, and will collaborate with other Observers and with outside experts in the writing and submission of a brief report Observers who chair visiting committees will be expected to submit their committee's report to the President within two weeks of the visit's completion, and to attend the appropriate Board Committee meeting at which the visiting committee's report and a response from the Department will be discussed. It is to be understood that Observers function in an advisory capacity to the Administration of the College.

D. RESIGNATION AND REMOVAL. Any Observer may resign at any time by giving written notice of resignation to the Chairperson or Secretary of the Board. An Observer may be removed at any time in accordance with the procedures as set forth in Article I., Section 3 of the Bylaws.