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Presidential Task Force on the Senior Year Experience

Senior Year Experience Task Force

Steering Committee
Dr.Randy Helm President Chair, Steering Committee
Ms.Karen Green Dean of Students Steering Committee Chair the Transition Subcommittee
Dr. Marjorie Hass Provost Steering Committee Chair the Reflection Subcommittee
Dr.Christine Sistare Philosophy Steering Committee Transition Subcommittee
Ms.Sharon Albert Religion Studies Steering Committee Reflection Subcommittee
Ms.Kelli Provost-Brown Director of the Career Center Steering Committee Transition Subcommittee
Mr.Chris Hooker-Haring Dean of Admissions Steering Committee Transition Subcommittee
Dr.Kathy Harring Associate Dean of Assessment Steering Committee
Mr.Alex Corgan '08 Campus Box 0561 Steering Committee Transition Subcommittee
Mr.Ryan Campbell '08 Campus Box 2244 Steering Committee Reflection Subcommittee
Ms.Tammy Bormann '83 Trustee Steering Committee
Reflection Subcommittee
Marjorie Hass Provost Chair
Sharon Albert Religion Studies  
Ryan Campbell '08    
Rev.Peter Bredlau College Chaplain Reflection Subcommittee
Dr.Carol Shiner Wilson Dean of the College for Academic Life Reflection Subcommittee
Ms.Deborah Kipp Assoc. Vice President for Development Reflection Subcommittee
Dr.Jeff Rudski Psychology Reflection Subcommittee
Dr.Alan Tjeltveit Psychology Reflection Subcommittee
Dr.Keri Colabroy Chemistry Reflection Subcommittee
Dr.Thomas Cragin History Reflection Subcommittee
Mr.Trevor Wade '07 Campus Box 1158 Reflection Subcommittee
Ms.Christine Davies '05 319 Howard Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ07410
Reflection Subcommittee
Transition Subcommittee
Karen Green Dean of Students  Chair
Kelli Provost-Brown Director of the Career Center  
Chris Hooker-Haring Dean of Admissions  
Chris Sistare Philosophy  
Alex Corgan '08    
Ms.Traci Falco Director of Alumni Relations Transition Subcommittee
Mr.Mike Bruckner VP for Public Relations Transition Subcommittee
Ms.Wendy Cole Director , Academic Resource Center Transition Subcommittee
Ms.Patti Mittleman Hillel Director Transition Subcommittee
Dr.Kate Ranieri Media and Communication Transition Subcommittee
Dr.Erika Iyengar Biology Transition Subcommittee
Dr.Hartley Lachter Religion Studies Transition Subcommittee
Ms.Sarah Efronson '07 Campus Box 1704 Transition Subcommittee
Ms.Rachel Rosenberg '07 Campus Box 0199 Transition Subcommittee
Mr.Greg Lichtman '07 Campus Box 2463 Transition Subcommittee
Dr.Jen Risley '02 2789 Sequoia Drive, Macungie, PA 18062
Transition Subcommittee
Mr.Jeff Slotterback '04 8500 Lindbergh Blvd., #2315, Philadelphia,PA19153
Transition Subcommittee
Ms. Evelyn Lipschutz P'06 1486 Stoneridge Road, Allentown, PA 18104
Transition Subcommittee