Faculty in Media & Communication presented a panel at the Union for Democratic Communication Conference in San Francisco, November 1-3.  The panel was titled Media & Social Justice: Utilizing Critical Topics and Pedagogies to Enhance Democratic Communications in the Classroom.

The panel was moderated by John Sullivan and included:

Susan G. Kahlenberg, " Teaching Children and Communication: The Cultivation of Critical Thinking and Social Justice Advocacy in the Classroom"

Roberta Meek, "Marrying History and Media: Using Historical Analysis To Foster Social Justice in 21st Century Students"

Elizabeth Nathanson,"Revisiting the Politics of Visibility in the Classroom: Teaching Gender Studies for Social Justice"

Kate Ranieri, "Using Storytelling as a Pedagogical Approach to Teaching Diversity"

David Tafler, "The Work of Electronic Production in the Age of Social Media"

Lora Taub-Pervizpour, "Youth Media as a Site of Critical Pedagogy and Democratic Media in Action"