As a product of a year long DANA Mentorship, the research of Gayanne Grossman (Dance Wellness Center director and physical therapist in the department of theatre and dance),  Adora Goldovsky '15, and Byungchul Cha (associate professor of mathematics) was accepted by the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) to be presented at the 24th Annual Meeting in Switzerland this October 2014. By studying the measurements of 368 dancers at Muhlenberg College via a retrospective chart review, the findings confirmed Grossman's previous research that showed range of motion for total passive turnout (whole leg turnout measured supine) is larger than standing whole leg turnout measured on rotational disks. In addition, the study investigated whether tight iliotibial bands alter turnout measurements. Greater than 75% of all the dancers measured were found to have tight iliotibial bands and turnout measurements were not effected.