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Faculty Scholarship and Professional Engagement: Summer 2017


  • Susan Falciani, Kate Ranieri Susan Falciani, Special Collections & Archives, Trexler Library, and Kate Ranieri, Media & Communication, presented "Re-Narrating Institutional History: The Muhlenberg Memories Project" at the Keystone Digital Humanities Conference, Philadelphia, July 13.
  • Sharon Albert, Kathy Harring, Kim Heiman, Linda McGuire, Brian Mello A Muhlenberg team of Sharon Albert, religion studies, Kathy Harring, provost, Kim Heiman, biology, Linda McGuire, Faculty Center for Teaching, & Brian Mello, political science, participated in the AAC&U Institute in Integrative Learning & Signature Work, July 11-14 at Loyola University in Chicago. Read More
  • Gail Marsella (chemistry) and Eugene Fiorini (Koehler Professor of Mathematics), recently presented the workshop CrIM^2E (Criminal Investigation through Molecular/Mathematical Examination) at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society.
  • Mike Bacca, an adjunct for the Wescoe School wrote an article. Read More

Alumni & Development

  • The T.H.A.W. (Toast Heard Around the World) signature event has been selected by CASE as a winner of a 2017 Circle of Excellence Award. The 2017 awards received 3,364 entries; of those, 366 were recognized in about 90 categories. T.H.A.W. was honored as a Bronze level winner in the category Special Events, Single Day. Read More


  • Peter Saenger, Acopian Ornithological Specialist, gave a talk yesterday at the Morningstar Senior Living facility in Nazareth, on native plantings for birds and bird-window collisions.
  • Daniel Klem, Peter Saenger Dan Klem, Sarkis Acopian Professor of Ornithology & Conservation Biology, and Peter Saenger, Acopian Ornithological Specialist, are listed as co-authors of 'Continent-wide analysis of how urbanization affects bird-window collision mortality in North America,' published in 'Biological Conservation Read More
  • Amy Hark, associate professor of biology, and Mark Scheuerman '14 are co-authors on a paper published in G3: Genes/Genomes/Genetics. This work is part of a collaboration with the Genomics Education Partnership. Read More
  • Bruce Wightman, professor of biology, and Shari Bodofsky '18, and Francine Koitz '19 attended and presented their research at the 21st International C. elegans Conference at UCLA.
  • Amy Hark, associate professor of biology, and her collaborator Grace Farber (University of the Sciences) had their case study Cut-It-Out! Editing DNA with CRISPR-Cas9 published by the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science. Read More
  • Rich Niesenbaum, professor of biology and director of sustainability studies, was honored for his leadership in sustainability in the Lehigh Valley by the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. President Williams attended the event.
  • Peter Saenger, Acopian Ornithological Specialist, was asked for the third year to help judge the Oley Valley School District Science Fair. His role involved reviewing 87 natural science projects from 7th and 8th grade (out of the 350 projects from 6th-8th grade).

Business Administration

  • Michael London, associate professor of business, authored a chapter titled ‘The Co-created Classroom: From Teacher/Student to Mentor/Apprentice’ in the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation.
  • Roland J. Kushner, associate professor of business, is quoted in CQ Researcher's July 14 in-depth analysis of arts funding. Read More
  • Roland Kushner, associate professor of business, presented ‘Marketing Research for the Arts’ to a cohort of PA arts leaders at the Ware Center in Lancaster, the kickoff of Arts Marketing & Audience Engagement in the 21st Century: Building the Capacity of PA’s Cultural Sector.
  • Holmes Miller, professor of business, presented the paper, Precautionary Principle and Attitudinal Decision Making, at the XIX SIGEF Congress (International Association for Fuzzy-Set Management and Economy). The conference was held from June 7-9 at Iona College in New Rochelle, N.Y.


  • Sherri Young, assistant professor of chemistry, gave a talk titled "Pharma: Friend or foe? Development, implementation, and assessment of a cross-disciplinary non-majors course about the pharmaceutical industry" at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting in Hershey, PA.
  • Andrew Rice (class of 2019) and William Bowman (class of 2018) presented a poster titled "Exploring the utility of peptidomimetics as blood-brain barrier shuttles" at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting in Hershey, PA.
  • Sherri Young, assistant professor of chemistry, gave a talk titled "Development and evaluation of a team-taught online course in medicinal chemistry" at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting in Hershey, PA.

Computer Science

  • Clif Kussmaul, Associate Professor of Computer Science, is attending the Computer Science Teachers Association conference in Baltimore where he is leading two workshops on POGIL.
  • Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, is attending the American Society for Engineering Education conference in Columbus, Ohio, where he is presenting in the NSF Poster Session on recent grants involving POGIL and Humanitarian FOSS.
  • Clif Kussmaul, associate professor of computer science, recently led faculty professional development workshops at Ashesi University in Ghana.


  • Susan Falciani and Kate Ranieri: Susan Falciani, Special Collections & Archives, Trexler Library, and Kate Ranieri, Media & Communication, presented “Re-Narrating Institutional History: The Muhlenberg Memories Project” at t he Keystone Digital Humanities Conference, Philadelphia, Jul 13.


  • Madeline Hoak, aerial acrobatics instructor, will present a 1 p.m. lecture this Saturday at Sigal Museum in Easton. Inspired by the Cabi net of Curiosities exhibit, the lecture--Revealing the Charm of Oddities--delves into Barnums American Museum and The Greatest Show on Earth, and why we are fascinated by unusual objects, people and animals. Read More


  • Jill Stephen and David Rosenwasser, professors of English and co-directors of the writing program, led a three-day faculty workshop at Grinnell College from May 24-May 26 entitled 'Making Writing Happen.'
  • Jim Bloom, professor of English, presented a paper titled "Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, Bob Dylan, and the Male Gaze" at the 14TH International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Inst. for Jewish-Christian Understanding

  • Peter A. Pettit , Dir., IJCU, and Assoc. Prof., Religion Studies., presented a workshop at the annual conference of the Int'l Council of Christians and Jews on "500 Years Later: Lutherans and the Old/New Jewish Questions." Pettit was also elected Vice-President of the Friends and Sponsors of the Martin Buber House.
  • Peter A. Pettit, IJCU director and associate professor of religion studies, led a clergy workshop and co-led a public forum on Luther and the Jews: Responsibility and Reconciliation in Omaha NE, sponsored by the Kripke Center of Creighton University and local Lutheran and Jewish congregations. Read More


  • Eugene Fiorini, Koehler Professor of Mathematics, received a travel grant through the Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA) to participate in the Reconnect 2017 workshop. The theme of the workshop is to further develop mathematical and computational tools for energy efficiency and reliability.

Media and Communication

  • Jeff Pooley, associate professor of media and communication, published a journal article, A Curious Tale of Economics and Common Carriage (Net Neutrality) at the FCC, co-authored with Dwayne Winseck, in the International Journal of Communication. Read More
  • Sue Curry Jansen has published a review of Michael Schudson's 'The Rise of the Right to Know: Politics and the Culture of Transparency, 1945-1975' in the current issue of the Journal of Communication.
  • Sue Curry Jansen has published 'Putin's Flacks: Russia's Stealth Public Relations War in The Conversation.' The article has also been republished by AlterNet. Read More
  • Jefferson Pooley, associate professor & chair of media & communication, was awarded the 2017 James W. Carey Media Research Award competition, sponsored by the Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research.
  • Jeff Pooley, associate professor of media and communication, presented a paper, "A Curious Tale of Economics at the Federal Communications Commission: A Reply to an Industry-Commissioned History" (co-authored with Dwayne Winseck) at the 14th History of Economics as History of Science Workshop at the École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay.
  • Members of the digital learning team presented at the Domains 2017 Conference in Oklahoma City: Lora Taub presented "Reclaiming the Web as a Democratic Project: Domain of One's Own as Transformational Resistance." Jarrett Azar '20 and Jenna Azar: We're not DoOOMed: From Student Tutor to Instructional Technologist."
  • Members of the digital learning team presented at the Domains 2017 Conferencein Oklahoma City. Tim Clarke: "GRAV and Gi: Using a Flat-File CMS For Community How-To Docs." Jordan Noyes and Lora Taub; "Archiving Protest: Exploring Domains as a Platform For Sustainable and Collaborative Projects."
  • Jeff Pooley, associate professor of media and communication, and Meredith Salisbury (Class of 2017) gave a paper, The #nofilter Self: The Contest for Authenticity Among Social Networking Sites, 2002–2016, at the International Communication Association in San Diego. Pooley gave three additional papers.

Political Science

  • Chris Borick, professor of political science, and colleagues recently released a new report from the National Surveys on Energy and Environment (NSEE), a joint effort from Muhlenberg College and the University of Michigan. More information is available on the Brookings Institution website. Read More

Presidential Acitivies

  • President John Williams A quote about Muhlenberg from President John Williams was profiled in the Lehigh Valley feature of the July issue of Spotlight by American Way, the in-flight magazine of American & Delta airlines. The magazine reaches 16 million passen gers each month.

Staff Activities

  • Racheler Hamelers, Trexler Library, presented a poster, Teaching Reading: Primary Literature with First Year Biology Undergraduates, at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.