Office of Public Relations


Superstar Service Stories

As part of the College's customer service initiative, here is another edition of "Superstar Service Stories." This is an occasional featurette on a member of the College community who has gone above and beyond the call of duty and provided excellent customer service. Anyone on campus is welcome to submit nominations to me and we welcome nominations from and of any member of the campus community

Fall 2014

  • Kim Nguyen and Susan Norling, who produced an excellent pre-Orientation program for international students are this week's Superstar Service Award winners. Honorable mention goes to those who helped with outstanding Orientation and Honors Convocation programs.
  • Due to such an extraordinarily busy and successful Orientation Weekend, we are having a second set of Service Superstar Awards -- SOAP, Chris Jachimowicz and the Student Advisors.
  • This week's Superstar Service Awards go to the Cardinal Keys and Sodexo, who provided tremendous support to a busy, rain-drenched, but wonderful Homecoming and Reunion weekend.
  • This week's Superstar Service Award goes to the men's and women's basketball teams! The teams ran a basketball clinic for children/adolescents with disabilities. The players were all very interactive, upbeat and friendly.
  • The Superstar Service Award goes to the athletic staff & others in the community who helped make the weekend go smoothly. SIDs, trainers, equipment personnel, campus safety & staff members logged many hours as we hosted 11 home events, plus football at Widener, in 48 hours. A true team effort.
  • This week's Superstar Service Award goes to the campus safety officers and dispatchers who were on duty 24/7 during the snowstorm, on Thanksgiving and during the entire holiday weekend.
  • This week's Superstar Service Awards go to Maryruth Olshefski (HR) and Ken Butler (President's Office). Maryruth arranged on-campus biometric screening for 226 employees, earning them a credit on their health insurance. Ken was integral in the presidential announcement, meetings and receptions.
  • This week's Superstar Service Award goes to all of those who helped plan the annual College Holiday Party. The President's office spearheaded the effort with help from the bookstore, public relations, Seegers Union, plant ops and several others across campus.