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Superstar Service Stories

As part of the College's customer service initiative, here is another edition of "Superstar Service Stories." This is an occasional featurette on a member of the College community who has gone above and beyond the call of duty and provided excellent customer service. Anyone on campus is welcome to submit nominations to me and we welcome nominations from and of any member of the campus community

Spring 2013

  • This week's Superstar Service Awards are split between the Housekeeping staff that prepped the residence halls for the students' return; and Bergâs Helping Hands&Hearts group that helped two families have a very happy holiday. Click the link to read more. More
  • This week's Superstar Service Award goes to the staff of the Health Center. The Health Center kept the campus well-informed and continues to battle the flu problem, which has severely hampered many colleges and organizations.
  • This week's Service Superstar Award goes to staff associate Cathy Ramella (history/economics/finance) who took it upon herself (with an assist from OIT's Tom Roth) to develop a database of class lists with photos for faculty.
  • This week's Service Superstar Award goes to Sodexo's John Pasquarello. Community members needed help with kosher meals for a friend who had an accident and was laid up. John went the extra mile to arrange the meals, easy delivery and a simple payment method.