Office of Public Relations


It is important for Muhlenberg College to project and maintain an image of quality, integrity and commitment to all internal and external audiences. For many individuals, their first or only contact with Muhlenberg is through its publications. Therefore it is important that we maintain a general graphic consistency in the production of all future publications.

An effective identification program enables external audiences to distinguish Muhlenberg College from its competitors. It is vital to our recognition efforts with prospective students, alumni and development prospects.

This document sets forth parameters for proper logo usage, official colors and typefaces to be used in College publications and all other media.

It is agreed that some publications and departments have their own identity through current publications. We believe that you can keep your departmental identity and incorporate these guidelines. Consistency is critical.

It is important that materials be easily identified as derived from Muhlenberg College. It is important that when someone sees one of our publications, it is instantly recognizable and representative of MUHLENBERG COLLEGE.

The words Muhlenberg College should appear on all College publications and all materials that represent the College. This has been a problem. We must keep a distinction from Muhlenberg Hospital, Muhlenberg High School, and other organizations.

Whenever possible, the logo (Muhlenberg underlined, with College underneath in smaller type, example attached) should be used.

  • The Logo: This is the primary element in Muhlenberg's graphic identity. This should be prominently displayed on all official publications and media produced by Muhlenberg, or any institute, center or organization within the College. If you opt not to use the logo, the words Muhlenberg College should be conspicuous on the cover. The official logo has red lettering with a black line. All red or all black or red/white versions are acceptable.
  • The Seal: The seal should be restricted to use on official documents of the College, such as certificates, awards, honors and more traditional and formal documents. Blue books, handbooks, manuals and directories are acceptable materials for using the seal. The Seal should be used carefully since it has religious connotations that may impact prospective students, such as those of Jewish or Muslim faiths. Please do not use the "scalloped rope" seal any more. This has been phased out.
  • The Mule: The Mule is an athletic symbol and its use is largely confined to athletic materials. The Mule has been, and can continue to be, used as part of a logo, graphically depicting the mule with a graduation cap or the mule waving a flag. This is acceptable with the reminder that certain publications do not lend themselves to art of this nature.
  • Colors: The official colors of the College are PMS 186 Red and PMS 430 Gray. PMS 185 is also acceptable for red. PMS 185 is used for letterhead and stationery due to more consistent printing quality. PMS 185 or 186 are acceptable, but no other reds should be used. Again, consistency is important.

    The official red of the College website is hex code: #cc092f.  Visit the Web Guidelines & Standards site for additional information.

  • Size: The logo (Muhlenberg underlined with College below) must be identifiable and conspicuous on all college publications.
  • Fonts/Typefaces: Here are the recommended type faces already in use for most College identity materials. Their use in new materials is strongly encouraged:


  • Headlines: Times Roman
  • Body Copy: Helvetica


  • Headlines: New Berlina
  • Body Copy: Bernhard

Annual Report and new performing arts and development materials:

  • Headlines: Bickham Script
  • Body Copy: StonePrint
  • Ribbon Look: Stone Print with Bickham Script
  • Symbols: At present, the Red Doors, the Mule, the Seal and the Tower Art are working well. They are recognizable campus symbols. The signature buildings (theatre-library-Chapel-Haas) continue to provide recognition as Muhlenberg symbols.
  • Letterhead/Stationery/Envelopes: All stationery, envelopes and business cards should be ordered from Dave Huber at the campus print shop. Stationery and letterhead must conform with the basic Muhlenberg College design.

An effective identification program enables external audiences to distinguish Muhlenberg College from its competitors and it is vital to our recruitment and promotional efforts with prospective students, alumni and development prospects. The College Public Relations Office (x3230) is available to answer any questions, and is available to preview all work prior to completion.


It is important for the College to maintain a consistent, quality image through the use of appealing, memorable, high-quality design symbols and standards.

The College is introducing a new "ribbon" motif to supplement the current traditional logo and graphic identification program. The "ribbon" motif is designed to provide an integrated, umbrella approach to the broad needs of the College and the many departments involved.

The "ribbon" look will be an integral part of our corporate identity and includes a cardinal ribbon with four Muhlenberg symbols. Each symbol is representative of the core strengths of the College:

  • Academics: The Seal
  • Alumni & Development: The Tower
  • Athletics: The Mule
  • Spirit & Cultural: General Pete

As you prepare materials in the future for print, broadcast and electronic media, please follow these guidelines. If you utilize off-campus designers or printers, please make them aware of our graphic identity program and ask them to refrain from introducing conflicting graphic elements.

If you have any questions, please call Mike Bruckner or speak with Dave Huber at Printing Services. Thank you in advance for your support of this campus-wide effort.