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Faculty and Staff: Voicemail

Call Pilot Voice Mail: Quick Reference Guide
Call Pilot: 3000 Express Messaging: 1000
Off-campus: Dial (484) 664-3000

Log into the System

  • 3000 Dial the CALL PILOT number (or press the Message key)
  • xxxx# Enter your mailbox number and #

NOTE: If logging in from your own phone, enter "#" when asked for Mailbox number

  • xxxx# Enter your password and #

NOTE: Your initial password is 11 followed by your extension, eg. 113999

Changing Your Password (you will be forced to change your password at first login)

  • 8 4 Command to change password
  • yyyy# Enter old password and #
  • xxxx# Enter new password and #
  • xxxx# Enter new password again and #

Recording Internal, External, Temporary Greetings and Personal Verification

  • 8 2 Enter greeting command
    • press 1 for external greeting
    • press 2 for internal greeting
    • press 3 for temporary greeting
    • press 9 for personal verification
  • 2 To review your recorded greeting
  • 5 To start recording
  • # To stop recording
  • 7 6 To delete your recorded greeting

Playing Messages

After logging-in, the system gives the number of new, unheard messages. Starting with the first new message, the system tells when it was received and if it was from an external number or which internal number sent the message.

  • 2 To play message
  • 6 Go to next message
  • 4 Go to previous message
  • # To pause during playback
  • 1 To skip back (5 second increments)
  • 3 To skip forward (5 second increments)
  • 7 6 To delete message
  • 7 2 To hear envelope information during playback of a message

Replying to Messages

  • 7 1 While listening to a message, enter "Reply" command
  • 7 4 Or the Reply All command
  • 5 Record reply
  • # Stop recording
  • 7 9 Send reply (IMPORTANT)

Call Sender

While playing a message received internally, enter 9 to dial the phone number of the sender. Your mailbox is placed on hold. To return to CALL PILOT, take off HOLD, by pressing the extension key.

To Forward a Message You've Received

  • Go to the message you received in your mailbox
  • 7 3 Enter the "forward message" command
  • xxxx# Enter the list of mailboxes, separated by #'s
  • xxxx## Enter # twice after last entry
  • 5 To include your comments with the forwarded message
  • 7 9 To send the message

Thru Dialing

While logged into CALL PILOT, you can make a call without hanging up. Dial "0" and the extension you wish to call, followed by "#" (0xxxx#). To use thru dial using a name, enter 0* and the system will prompt you for name dialing.

Express Messaging

This is a fast way to leave a message in someone's mailbox.

  • 1000 Dial the Express Messaging number
  • xxxx# Enter the mailbox you want to send a message to
  • # Record your message then press #

Name Addressing

You can use Name Addressing for addressing a message, for creating a distribution list or for Express Messaging, by spelling the name on your telephone keypad. When CALL PILOT prompts you for a mailbox number, press *, The system will prompt you for Name Addressing. If you don't know the complete name, enter the first few letters, then press #, The system lets you select from a list of possible matches for the name.

Composing Messages

Option 1: Call a number that forwards to CALL PILOT, receive greeting, leave a message.

Option 2:

  • 1000 Dial Express Messaging DN
  • xxxx# When prompted, "Express Messaging -- to mailbox?", enter the target mailbox number and #.
  • Leave message and hang up.

Option 3: From your own mailbox, 'compose' a message to be sent to one or more mailboxes.

  • 7 5 Enter the Compose command
  • xxxx# Enter mailbox number and # for each mailbox to receive the message
  • xxxx## Enter # twice after last mailbox entry
  • 5 To start recording
  • # To stop recording
  • 2 To review recording
  • 7 9 To send message

Commands to Use While Recording (checking and editing your messages)

  • 2 To play your message
  • 1 To skip backward 5 secondsb
  • 3 To skip forward 5 seconds c
  • # To pause d
  • 2 To continue f
  • 5 To erase the message and re-record
  • # To stop recording
  • 7 6 To totally erase the message

Create a Distribution List (maximum of 9 lists, 1-9, with up to 99 entries in each)

  • 8 5 Enter the "create distribution list" command
  • ## Enter a list number (1 through 9)
  • 5 Enter "5" to compose the list
  • xxxx# Enter the mailbox numbers to be included on the list, separated by a #
  • xxxx## Enter # twice after last entry
  • 2 To review the list entries
  • 5 To add mailbox numbers to a list
  • 6xxxx# To find a number in a list
  • 7 6 To delete the number
  • 5 If it's not in the list you can add it

Tagging Messages

After recording a message, but before sending it, you may tag it. The most used tags are:

  • 7 0 1 URGENT
  • 7 0 4 PRIVATE
  • 7 9 To send message

Remote Notification

You can specify up to 3 telephone numbers to be called when you receive a message. You indicate the type of instrument it will be calling (telephone, pager). If it's notifying a pager, you enter the callback number you wish displayed on your pager. You may define up to 3 schedules (Business day, Non-Business day, Temporary). You indicate the type of message you want to be notified of (any message, urgent only).