General Information

The Muhlenberg College Mailroom is responsible for two main areas of operation: (1) campus mail, which handles incoming and outgoing mail for faculty, staff, and students and (2) standard (bulk) mail.  In order to ensure proper handling and disposition of mail, please review the basic procedures noted below or call the mailroom at Extension 3162 with any questions or concerns. Additional information is included throughout this site under more specific headings.

Basic Procedures

  • Each department's entire mailing account number must be included with all outgoing mail.
  • Campus mail, domestic mail and international mail must be bundled separately and clearly marked. Also separate and bundle handwritten mail from typewritten mail.
  • Outgoing mail in #10 envelopes should be nested and banded together.
  • Larger-sized envelopes must be sealed.  Clasps must be taped.
  • All outgoing mail must face the same direction (not upside down or backwards).
  • Mark "SEAL ONLY" on #10 envelopes with postage already affixed. Keep these banded together.
  • Campus mail sent in inter-office envelopes should include the recipient's name and department. Cross out previous name or markings so that the name of the intended recipient is clearly identifiable.
  • Mail for distribution to students should be submitted with a Student Mail Distribution request (see Mailroom Forms). Mail for specific groups of students must include their box numbers in ascending order. Mail for distribution to all students is not to be labeled.
  • Standard (bulk) mail must include the bulk mail permit indicia, either on the envelope or on the mailpiece, and sorted in zip code order. See section on Standard (bulk) mail for more information.

Incoming mail is picked up at the local post office on Postal Road in Allentown each morning, Monday through Saturday. It is delivered to offices and student mailboxes the same day, except for Saturday's mail which is delivered on Monday.

Outgoing mail is picked up by mid-afternoon, Monday through Friday.  Mail delivered to the mailroom after 3:00 p.m. will be metered the following business day.  Please try to have large mailings at the mailroom as early as possible for same day dispatch. Notify the mailroom if special circumstances arise.

Packages are delivered by Federal Express (Express, Ground, and Home), United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) usually by noon each day. Students are required to pick up packages at the Mailroom. (See Package Delivery information under STUDENTS).   Packages for faculty and staff are delivered along with regular mail.   Each department is responsible for arranging with Plant Operations for the delivery of packages over 50 pounds.

Personal mail may be mailed with outgoing mail provided adequate postage is affixed. In addition to postage, please include a return address.

Delivery Address Format

The delivery address is the most important information on your mail piece and poorly addressed mail (including illegible handwriting) could either be undelivered, misdirected, or delayed. Mail processing machines read addresses from bottom up, beginning with city, state, and zip code, followed by delivery address.  Please note the following guidelines for the proper addressing of mail:

  • Address fonts should be between 8 and 18 points. However, the USPS recommends a font size between 10-12 points. Addresses in an 8-point type size should be in uppercase to ensure OCR readabiility.
  • San serif type styles (those without little tails or curves) with uniform stroke thickness are preferred as embellished styles (italics, script, condensed, etc.), are not OCR readable.
  • Left justify each line of the address, in single space, leaving one space between the city and state and two spaces between the state and zip code.
  • Avoid placing logos, slogans, or similar information below the delivery address as this could cause mail to be misdirected.
  • Use ZIP+4 code, if known. Otherwise, use 5-digit zip code.

If using a window envelope, leave at least 1/8-inch clearance around the address. If using labels, make sure that no important information is cut off and that the labels are not skewed more than five degrees from the bottom edge of the mailpiece. Mail processing machines cannot read the address if there is not enough clearance space or if the address is not applied straight on the mail piece. A sample business address format may be found at The diagram below shows the basic layout of address placement and readability on letter-size mail pieces.

Basic Layout for Address Placement and Readability

Address Placement

Address Placement 2

    1. 1.  Dark-shaded area indicates free space for non-address printing.
    2. 2.  Light-shaded area indicates preferred clear zone to enhance readability.

International Addresses

See for information on formatting international addresses.

Military Addresses

See for information on formatting military addresses.


In addition to mail collection and distribution, the Mailroom provides a variety of services including:

  • Federal Express
  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Post
  • Sale of Stamps
  • Standard (Bulk) Mail (See section on Standard (Bulk) Mail)
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • United States Postal Services (USPS)
    • Certified Mail
    • Express Mail
    • First Class Mail
    • International Mail
    • Priority Mail
    • Return Receipt

Contact the Mailroom for additional information or visit

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found Department is located at the Information Desk in Seegers Union. Any books, articles, etc., that are accidently left in the mailroom are forwarded to the Lost and Found Department.

Check List

Did you remember to...

  • Complete and include any required forms with your job?
  • Ensure that all envelopes are addressed?
  • Ensure that all envelopes have something in them?
  • Ensure that your address shows through your window envelope, even when it is tossed around?
  • Include department's account number?
  • Bundle campus mail (in #10 envelopes), label it “Campus Mail” and separate it from outgoing mail?
  • Bundle and separate handwritten mail from typewritten mail?
  • Bundle and separate international mail from domestic mail?
  • Nest #10 envelopes?
  • Mark “SEAL ONLY” on #10 envelopes with postage already affixed?
  • Include return address on all mail?
  • Ensure that all outgoing mail is facing the same direction, i.e., not upside down or backwards?
  • Seal envelopes larger than #10?
  • Tape clasps on envelopes larger than #10?
  • Properly address inter-office envelopes with name of individual and department?
  • Use bulk mail envelopes (with non-profit indicia) for bulk mail (more than 200 pieces)?
  • Include the appropriate Ancillary Service Endorsement on standard (bulk) mail?
  • Provide total count for bulk mail?
  • Sort bulk mail in zip code order and numbered containers in zip code order?
  • Confirmed address placement on flats for bulk mail?
  • Ensure that adequate postage is affixed on personal mail?


This guide has been prepared for the benefit and use of faculty, staff, and students of Muhlenberg College, based on policies established by the United States Postal Service, and in conjunction with the needs of the campus community.  Although some useful links have been included, additional information may be found by visiting