Faculty Center for Teaching


New Faculty Orientation for 2015-2016

New Faculty Session:  Informal Advising

Thursday, September 17th, from 5:00-6:30 PM in Seegers Union room 112.

At the "Informal Advising" session, staff members from campus counseling, the health center, the career center and the pre-professional advising office will be present to introduce themselves and to speak for approximately 5-10 minutes about their work, leaving substantial time for Q&A. Dean Mike Huber and Dean Karen Green will also be present to answer any questions you might have in regard to advising situations you might encounter with students in the areas covered by these campus resources and their staff members.


New Faculty Event:  The Peer Partner Dinner

Tuesday, 10/20, from 5-7 pm in Seegers Union room 113.

This dinner is meant to bring together the 2015 – 2016 cohort of Peer Partners.  

Through participation in the Peer Partner Program, new colleagues are paired up with more senior (or tenured) faculty from across the curriculum during the first and second years of teaching at Muhlenberg. All new full-time faculty are invited to participate in the Peer Partner Program, including visiting professors, post-doctoral and consortium fellows, lecturers, and all tenure-track as well as non-tenure eligible positions. This program gives the opportunity to meet and discuss informally with a more senior faculty member from a teaching and research area outside your discipline. If you are a lecturer, we will try to pair you with a senior lecturer. We try to match new faculty with colleagues who are not in the same department but who might share common academic interests, e.g. sustainability, social justice, feminism, entrepreneurial studies, art or aesthetics, teaching with technology, interdisciplinary teaching, critical thinking or reasoning, performance studies, business ethics, and so on.


New Faculty Session:  The 2nd or 3rd Time I Taught This

Wednesday, 12/2, from 4:30-6pm, in the GQ Annex.

During this roundtable faculty of all stages and disciplines come and speak about their teaching mistakes and what they have learned from them/ how they have made modifications to later iterations of the course.