Counseling Services

Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) Survivor Support System

Survivors of a sexual assault need support and information about their alternatives for addressing the assault, whether the incident happened recently or many years ago. Friends of survivors may also have questions or concerns about the ways in which they can support the survivor, or they may need to deal with their own issues related to assault.

The persons listed below have been trained to work with survivors of sexual assault and/or their friends. If you need support or want information about the ways in which you can address your own assault or that of a friend contact:

Director, Counseling Services
Ext. 3178

Lindsay Porembo
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Ext. 3063

Kimberly Stolarick
Assistant Director of Admissions
Ext. 3202

Francesca Coppa
Associate Professor, English
Ext. 3275

Lanethea Matthews
Assistant Professor, Political Science
Ext. 3737

Jeremy Teissere
Assistant Professor
Director, Neuroscience Project
Ext. 3617

  • (On Sabbatical)

Cynthia Amaya-Santiago
Senior Assistant Director
Coordinator of Multi-cultural Recruitment

Any member of the Survivor Support System can speak with you by phone or can arrange to meet with you at a mutually convenient time and location. The support member will provide you with information about the alternatives available to you to address health, legal, counseling, and other concerns which you may have and can refer you to additional resources if you need further assistance. All conversations with a member of the Survivor Support System, including identity of students, are confidential. Contacts with members of the Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART) are confidential.