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Carroll Bogert
A DVD of Carroll Bogert's talk is on reserve at
Trexler Library under "Center for Ethics."

David Pellow

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Erik Loomis

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Scott Lemieux

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Barbara Cruikshank

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Reproductive Rights Panel

Video of Sex, Stigmitization & Violence


Linda Williams

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Dorothy Roberts

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Lawrence Lessig

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Branko Milanović

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Benjamin Hale

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Angus Burgin

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Jerry Evensky

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Friedrich St. Florian
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agnant Gabri Christa and Marie-Celie Agnant
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Eric Stange
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Muhlenberg College Science Symposium
October 29, 2010

Student researchers presented their projects in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, environmental science, math, neuroscience, and physics. A panel of Muhlenberg student researchers led a program on the student experience of “doing science.” Read more...


David Cassidy

Dr. David C. Cassidy
October 21, 2010
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David Cassidy explores the history of physics and the atomic bomb projects in the U.S. and Germany. His subjects include Oppenheimer, Heisenberg, and Einstein, with an eye toward how scientists have responded to difficult moral and political situations and how their work has shaped modern culture. Read more about the lecture...


Dr. Mario Livio

Dr. Mario Livio
September 30, 2010
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Dr. Mario Livio's work explores the expanding universe, dark matter, and supernovas. In his most recent popular work, Is God a Mathematician?, Livio focuses on the question of whether mathematics is a natural phenomenon or an invention of the human mind.  Read more about the lecture...


Heather Douglas

Dr. Heather Douglas
September 23, 2010
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Dr. Heather Douglas is the author of Science, Policy, and the Value-Free Ideal. In her work, Douglas rejects the assumptions that science is an enterprise in which scientists are not influenced by ethical and social values. Read more about the lecture...


harvey Harvey Molotch
November 10, 2009
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In his talk, "Out of the Water Closet: Gender, City, and the Public Toilet," Harvey Molotch addresses the line between private acts and public space in public washrooms. Read more about the lecture...



Lady Pink
September 22, 2009
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"A Talk with Graffiti Artists" explores how graffiti artists mark space and how graffiti gives voice to marginalized communities. Read more about the lecture...


pahl Dr. Jon Pahl
October 5, 2009
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In his lecture, "The Desire to Acquire: Or Why Shopping Malls are Sites of Religious Violence," Dr. Jon Pahl discusses how malls are "sacred places" in a global religion of the market.  He is the author of Shopping Malls and Other Sacred Places and Empire of SacrificeRead more about the lecture...

dr Dr. Mindy Thompson Fullilove
October 26, 2009
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Dr. Fullilove's lecture explores the connections among race, class, urban displacement, and health in America. She is the author of Root Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America,
and What we Can do About It
Read more about the lecture...

geo Bruce Cain, Atiya Stokes-Brown, and Peter Wagner
November 4, 2009

Panel on "Geo-Politicized Space: Race, Representation and the 2010 Census"
Read more about the panel...