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Ethics In the Information Age

Ethics In the Information Age

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As information technologies proliferate, ethical questions regarding the ownership, dissemination, and use of information become more and more crucial for us to consider. What areas of ethical concern arise as the ability to access, appropriate and produce information/knowledge becomes a prerequisite to social inclusion? How do the corporate interests and values driving technology innovation shape the possibilities for organizing information for greater civic engagement? How does information collection or surveillance by private or government agencies in the name of public safety threaten democratic principles or individual privacy? To what extent does the internet enable or hinder meaningful citizen participation?How does the internet invite new questions about intellectual copyright (downloading music, plagiarizing)?

Other programs are still in the planning stage, including campus forums considering issues that have a particular impact on colleges such as plagiarism, downloading software from the internet, and intellectual property. For more information, contact Dr. Lora Taub, Assistant Professor of Communication (