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In academic year 2015-2016, the Center for Ethics will present programming on two themes: “Influence & Information: Whose Safety? Whose Security?” and “Influence & Information: Manipulation Nation”.  While these themes overlap in significant ways, the Center focused on exploring “Whose Safety? Whose Security?” in the fall semester and will explore “Manipulation Nation” in the spring semester.

Manipulation Nation

Our choices are only as good as our information, and in our society there are many people and organizations out to influence what we know, and consequently, what we do. Moreover, often we can’t help but depend on others for information. Sometimes this information is trustworthy, sometimes it is not. Reflecting on this situation prompts a variety of questions about our responsibilities with respect to both seeking and sharing information. When should we trust what we are told, when should we be suspicious? What do we owe other people when it comes to information, and what do they owe us? What makes certain practices manipulative, as opposed to merely persuasive? This spring’s Center for Ethics programming will take up questions related to manipulation and manipulative practices.

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"Libertatian Paternalism: Manipulation without Coercion?"
Michael Cholbi Lecture

Chris Sistare, Director
Professor, Philosophy
Co-Director, Philosophy and Political Thought
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Thaddeus Robinson, Program Director
Associate Professor, Philosophy
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