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Explore Majors/Careers
A guide to help students choose a major or career field based upon their strengths and interests. Includes self-assessments, career resources, and a sample timeline.

Get a Job/Internship
Includes links to various job search websites organized by field of interest.

Attend a Career Fair or Conference
A list of upcoming career fairs in the region.

Attend Graduate/Professional School
A guide to help you find and apply to a graduate or professional school. Includes a sample timeline, ways to find a program, tips on writing the entrance essay, information about local testing centers for the various entrance exams, requesting a letter of recommendation, tips about how to find money to attend, link to the Muhlenberg Health Professions page, and law school links.

Do Something Different
A guide for alternative post-graduate plans including the Peace Corps, Teach for America, AmeriCorps, and various religious volunteer corps.

Network with Alumni
 A list of various Career Center programs enabling students to contact alumni

Win a Prestigious Award
A description of ways to obtain a post-graduate award  

Senior Year Transition
Tips for making the transition from college life to the "real world."  Includes a link to the    "Senior Year Experience" page, as well as links to pages relating to relocation and how to  prepare for the "real world.

Special Interest Groups 
Provides links for information specifically geared towards teachers, people with disabilities,   GLBTQ students, and multi-cultural students.


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