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Career Center Staff

Alana Albus
Director Email Alana Albus
Laura Garland '03
Associate Director
Email Laura Garland
Sarah Bollinger
Assistant Director
Email Sarah Bollinger
Jenna Azar Manager of Senior Year Experience and Learning Assistant Programs Email Jenna Azar  
Jake Casey '15
Employer Relations Associate Email Elizabeth Stoner
Barbara Claypool
Administrative Assistant Email Barbara Claypool
Kathleen Rogers '14 Career Assistant  
Courtney Haines '14 Career Assistant  
Rachel Breza '16 Career Assistant  
Christopher Marsala '16 Career Assistant  
Melanie Tramontina '16 Career Assistant  
Chris Chaky '15 Student Worker  
Shelby Doll '14 Student Worker  
Liat Kessler '15 Student Worker  
Samriti Madan '14 Student Worker  
Robby Motz '16 Student Worker  
Allyson Psillos '15 Student Worker