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Q: Who are the Head Tutors and what are their responsibilities?

A: Head Tutors are tutors who become more invested in the Peer Tutoring program. They meet regularly with Monica, the Tutorial Coordinator, to plan and implement tutor training sessions. Head Tutors are responsible for reading current material received from the Academic Resource Center for tutor training and are asked to do further research on the subject matter in order for them to become more proficient on the material they present in training sessions.

Head Tutors are available to help tutors with any problems that may arise during the tutoring process. Head Tutors do not replace the Tutorial Coordinator, but are available to address tutoring concerns when Monica is not available, such as evening or weekend hours. They are responsible for sending regular emails to tutors to remind them of upcoming events, such as when payroll is due and dates of upcoming training sessions. If you do not receive regular correspondence, please call Monica in the Academic Resource Center at x3433 or email Feel free to contact your Head Tutor with any questions or concerns you might have. They are experienced tutors and want to share their knowledge with you. Get to know your Head Tutor!

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