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Three Rs of Memory


We can’t remember what we don’t receive

  • become more attentive and observant
  • use as many of your senses as possible
  • ask questions to clarify
  • survey a chapter before reading
  • review notes before going into class
  • avoid or eliminate distracters


The main task is to transfer information from short-term into long-term memory

  • make a conscious effort to remember
  • underline, highlight, annotate textbooks and notes
  • organize information using mind maps, charts, outlines
  • review as soon as possible after learning
  • recite to improve retention
  • do all assignments
  • tell someone else what you have learned
  • find a reason to remember


Recall during tests and exams is the critical time for students

  • plan sufficient time for study and review
  • organize information to be studied
  • use your best sensory modalities
  • give yourself practice tests
  • clear your mind of outside interference
  • eat properly and get enough rest before the test