Academic Resource Center


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of services are available?
A: There are four main types of services offered: peer tutoring, content workshops (Chemistry, Math, etc.), Transition Workshops, and individual academic assistance with a learning specialist.

Q: Is there a fee for services?
A: No, there is no cost to enrolled students.

Q: What are the tutors' qualifications?
A: Muhlenberg’s Peer Tutoring Program enjoys a national reputation. We are certified by the College Reading and Learning Association to the Master Tutor level. Each tutor is nominated by a faculty member, must attend five hours of initial training and is encouraged to attend additional training sessions as well. Peer tutors offer study strategies, support, encouragement, and content instruction in a way that cannot be matched by a professional.

Q: Why not professional tutors?
A: The Academic Resource Center believes that peers are powerful agents of change. Most Muhlenberg students can deal with the content, but they need help with study strategies, organization, and application of course material. The peer tutor has usually had the exact course, often with the same instructor. Additionally, peers are more accessible and often more credible to the student.

Q: How can a student be assigned a trained tutor?
A: Tutoring request forms are available in the reception area of the Academic Resource Center until the second week after mid-semester. Both the student and the tutor are notified by mail, usually within one week after returning the request form. The meeting time and place is then determined by mutual agreement between the tutor and the student.

Q: What are the topics covered in the Academic Success Workshops?
A: Academic success workshops cover the following topics: assessing your personal learning style, time management/organization, note-taking, test preparation, textbook reading, motivation, and metacognition.

Q: How can a student receive individual assistance?
A: Any student can make an appointment with a Learning Specialist by calling (484) 664-3433 or coming to the office located on the lower level of Seegers Union.