At Muhlenberg College, education is more than a foundation for learning. Rather, we believe that expanding one’s goals and exceeding one’s potential are at the core of personal growth.

Our community of approximately 2200 students seeks to serve in the advancement of science, society, commerce and the arts through curiosity, creativity and fearless devotion, and to reach beyond one’s self with empathy, commitment and resolve to improve our world.

Frederick A. Muhlenberg

‌Together, our community is committed to an ethos of reaching ever higher; guiding and driving students of extraordinary promise to reach above and beyond their preconceived talents, skills and objectives to achieve prominence and effect change in whatever professions, interests and causes they choose to pursue.

Supported by a creative, collegial community of scholars, our students excel in over 40 rigorous academic majors, pursue their passions in 100 different clubs and organizations, and suit up in 22 intercollegiate sports. After graduation, Muhlenberg alumni go on to positions of influence and power in every sector of the economy and public life. Just 99 minutes from New York, the influence of our campus—and our global network of students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents—extends throughout each community where we dwell.

In his inaugural address, founding president Frederick A. Muhlenberg argued that "We do not regard an education as complete that aims only at improving the intellect.” Instead, he aimed to found an institution which “contemplates the education of [one’s] conscience and the cultivation of [one’s] heart."

Named in 1867 to honor Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, the founder of the Lutheran Church in America—and F.A. Muhlenberg’s great-grandfather—Muhlenberg College remains steadfast in its commitment to honor their legacy through faithful devotion to the education of the conscience and cultivation of the heart.

The Muhlenberg experience is more than an opportunity to learn and grow. It is a call to action—to go above and beyond and extend the power of our spirit and desire to achieve good—throughout the globe.

Above and Beyond — For today, tomorrow, and the generations that follow.

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Our Community

Located less than 90 miles west of New York City—and 50 miles north of Philadelphia—Muhlenberg College's Allentown, Pennsylvania campus is as beautiful as it is convenient. Nicknamed “The Queen City,” Allentown is Pennsylvania’s third largest, and fastest growing city, and home to three historic districts and one of the best park systems in the United States.

In addition, the Allentown Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) operates a business incubator, the Bridgeworks, which helps attract and support young commercial and manufacturing businesses. In recent years, Allentown has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and new businesses ranging from tech and design, to logistics, finance, medicine, and biotechnology, providing internship and employment opportunities for Muhlenberg students and alumni.

Student Life

Muhlenberg College is committed to the idea that education should include more than the intellect alone. From the extraordinarily supportive campus environment to our culture of creativity and our wide range of student activities, communities, and service opportunities, Muhlenberg students learn to create, collaborate, and thrive in any endeavor they pursue.

Our Core Principles


Together, the people of Muhlenberg College are actively committed to strengthen our community and the communities we serve. This promise means we view our diversity as a singular strength—the keystone of our endeavor to go above and beyond. Our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents strive to reach ever higher, and to support each other in all that we pursue.


We open doors—literally and figuratively. At Muhlenberg, ‘nice’ means more than common courtesy; it means we are sympathetic. We care about each other. And this is demonstrated in our work and shared purpose as people, colleagues, athletes, activists, and scholars. “Collegiality” cements the foundation of our commitment to a community built on mutual support.


We are curious. And no wonder. Muhlenberg was founded on the ideal that a superlative college experience comes from faculty and students with passion and zeal for intellectual inquiry. Concurrently, with our empathetic nature, we embrace the challenges of those around us and strive to know more, to understand more clearly, and to dig beneath the surface with each question we explore.


At our core, honesty is the term that defines the Muhlenberg character—whether it’s with ourselves, each other, or in our work. It comprises the values we hold dear: our commitment to collegiality and the empathy it requires; our dedication to curiosity in our desire to know and do more; and our overwhelming desire to be supportive, understanding, and willing to accept and celebrate our differences as a community in all that we say and do.