Fall 2003

These guides have been prepared by the Trexler Library Staff in support of Muhlenberg College's Center for Ethics Fall 2003 programming on the theme of sustainability. They are meant to be a starting point for students and faculty in their study of sustainability. Resources covered include library databases, reference materials, titles from the main collection, and websites. If you have any questions about these guides, or would like to have something added to them, contact David M. Oldenkamp, Social Sciences Reference Librarian.

  • General Sustainability
    Resources on the topic of sustainability--broadly defined, in preparation for the program: "What is Sustainability: A Community Roundtable Discussion." (3 September).

  • Gary Snyder 
    This is a collection of resources by and about the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, poet, and member of the famed Beat Generation. Mr. Snyder is visiting campus on 8 September.

  • Sustainable Business and Economics
    These resources focus on the topic of sustainable economics and business practices. The corresponding program is a showing of the film The Next Industrial Revolution: William McDonough, Michael Braungart and the Birth of the Sustainable Economy. (10 September).

  • Sustainable Campus
    The focus of the 24 September program is the Sustainable Campus. This is a brief collection of resources on the topic.

  • Sustainable Environment
    Terri Swearingen is speaking on 14 October on the topic of Community Organizing and Environmental Activism, and this guide gathers resources on the topic of enviromental and ecological sustainablity
  • Sustainable Communities
    These resources focus on the issue of sustainablity and community. The corresponding program is on 20 October, and features Tom Hylton.

  • Sustainable Land Use
    Prepare for the 28 October panel discussion on sustainable land use in our community. This resource guide is also appropriate for the 22 January - 15 April exhibit in the Martin Art Gallery.

  • Sustainable Agriculture
    The topic on 5 November is Sustainable Agriculture. Learn about developments in sustainable agriculture by attending this program, and through these library resources.

  • Sustainable Development
    Sustainable Development is the topic of the 12 November program. These resources encompass the domestic and political issues related to the creation of Sustainable Communities Across the World.

  • Sustainable Lutheran Church
    This guide collects resources on Lutheranism's treatment of the issue of sustainability--as a social mission and as an internal issue.

Last Updated 29 August 2003 by David M. Oldenkamp, Trexler Library