Politics, Citizenship, and Ethics

Center for Ethics, Fall 2008

These guides have been prepared by the Trexler Library staff in support of Muhlenberg College's Center for Ethics Fall 2008 programming on the theme of Politics, Citizenship, and Ethics. Resources covered include articles from library databases, reference materials, titles from the main collection, and websites.

Player Piano (ongoing events)
Resources about Player Piano and author Kurt Vonnegut.

Robert Musil (September 9)
Resources by and about Robert Musil and on the subject of global environmental politics.

Guillermo Gómez-Peña (September 11)
Resources by and about Guillermo Gómez-Peña and on the subject of political performance art.

Peter Beinart (September 16)
Resources by and about Peter Beinart and on the subject of foreign policy and foreign relations.

William Gamson (September 22)
Resources by and about William Gamson and on the subject of social movement and mass media.

Peter Brookes (September 24)
Resources by and about Peter Brookes and on the subject of national security and foreign policy.

Kjellgren Alkire (October 3)
Resources by and about Kjellgren Alkire and on the subject of printmaking.

Gary Jacobson (October 7)
Resources by and about Gary Jacobson and on the subject of American politics and congressional elections.

Terry Madonna (October 13)
Resources by and about Terry Madonna and on the subject of political polling.

Sidney Milkis, Shelley Wilcox, & Lisa Bowleg (October 20)
Resources by and about panel members and on the subjects of their areas of expertise: American presidency and American politics and elections; citizenship, feminist philosophy and applied ethics; and GLBT minorities.