Memory and Forgetting

Center for Ethics, 2011-2012

These guides have been prepared by the Trexler Library staff in support of Muhlenberg College's Center for Ethics 2011-2012 programming on the theme of Memory and Forgetting. Resources covered include articles from library databases, titles from the library's main collection, and websites.

Stephanie Coontz (September 28)
Resources by and about Stephanie Coontz and the lure of nostalgia in conceptualizing family life in America.

Jonah Lehrer (October 5)
Resources by and about Jonah Lehrer and the science of why we remember and why we forget.

National Memorials and Museums (October 15)
Resources about memorials and museums as national memorialization.

Jeffrey Olick and Philip Gourevitch (October 19)
Resources by and about Jeffrey Olick and Philip Gourevitch and the subjects of collective memory and national trauma.

Eric Strange (week of Oct. 31, date TBD)
Resources by and about Eric Strange and the subject of visual representation of historical subjects.

Marie-Celie Agnant, Gabri Christa, and Lynn Nottage (November 10)
Resources by and about Agnant, Christa, and Nottage, and artistic remembering of the African diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Friedrich St. Florian (November 15)
Resources by and about Friedrich St. Florian and the subject of the role of architecture in public memory and history.