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These guides have been prepared by the Trexler Library Staff in support of Muhlenberg College's Center for Ethics 2005-2006 programming on the theme of Ethics and Politics of Identity. Resources covered include library databases, reference materials, titles from the main collection, and websites. If you have any questions about these guides, or would like to have something added to them, please contact Kelly Cannon, Reference Librarian.

  • Ethics and Politics of Identity
    Resources on the topic of identity as a social construct in preparation for the Muhlenberg panel discussion on "Recognition, Representation, and the Ethics and Politics of Identity: An Exploration Focusing on the Comic Identity of Margaret Cho" (1 September).
  • Reading and Performing Race
    A guide to library resources on creative expression of racial identity, in support of the lecture by Brenda Dixon Gottschild, "Reading Race, Performing Race--Parameters and Potentials" (8 September).
  • Hip-Hop Rhythm
    These resources are prepared for the hip-hop workshop and performance by Rennie Harris (10 September).
  • Biracial Identity
    Resources on the topic of biracial identity as treated in Kip Fulbeck's documentary about Asian Americans, "Banana Split," showing 22 September.
  • Sexual Nonconformity
    Library resources relating to Joshua Gamson's lecture "Freaks Talk Back: Television and Sexual Nonconformity " (14 September).
  • Questioning Gender
    Selected library resources for Kate Bornstein's performance and lecture "On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us" (10 October).
  • What is a Normal Body?
    This library resource guide on medical constructs of body normalcy is designed to support the lecture by Alice Dreger on "Conjoined Twins, Intersex, and the Future of Normal " (8 November).
  • Indigenous Australia
    Resources on the indigenous peoples of Australia in support of Anita Heiss's lecture "Indigenous Australia: Contemporary Snapshot" (6 Feburary).
  • Performing in Drag
    Readings to assist discussion of the documentary "Paris is Burning" showing 13 February.
  • Cosmopolitanism and Belonging
    This library resource guide on cosmopolitanism and group identity is meant to accompany Craig Calhoun's lecture on "Cosmopolitanism and Belonging " (20 February).
  • Archaeology and Identity
    Readings related to the archaeological digs of slave plantations in the South by Patricia Samford, presenting on 27 February.
  • Aliens in America: Immigrant Identities
    Readings surrounding the film "Farmingville" and the panel discussion titled "Aliens in America" (14 and 15 March).
  • The Power of Class
    Resources in support of Michael Zweig's presentation titled "What's Class Got to Do With It? ( 20 March) and the documentary on working class identity titled "Class Dismissed: How TV Frames Working Class" (21 March).
  • Language, Identity and Migration
    Readings related to Marie-Celie Agnant's talk on "Language, Migration and Identity (27 March).
  • The Limits of Language
    Materials concerning the artist Xu Bing's exploration  of how language defines and limits our perception of culture and identity. (3 April).
  • Gender and Migrant Work
    This library resource guide corresponds to a panel discussion by Denise Brennan and Joy Zarembka on the feminization of migrant labor (6 April).
  • A Novelist Looks at Questions of Identity
    Readings by and about the novelist Samuel R. Delany and his literary exploration of the subject of identity (24 April).

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