Bioinformatics Central

This resource is designed to serve as a simple and direct guide for basic bioinformatics investigations by students in BIO 152 Principles of Biology III as well as upper-level courses. Read more about BIC.

What do you want to do?

Consider the scenarios below to determine which NCBI database you should use. Clicking on Tips will take you to a page that provides guidance for gathering information from each database and addresses common questions. Clicking on the name of the database will take you directly to that NCBI database or access the NCBI homepage directly.


I want background information
from textbooks about a
biological topic.

>>Go to Bookshelf   >>Go to Tips


I need to find articles
from the primary literature.

>>Go to PubMed   >>Go to Tips


I want information about
genes and associated
human phenotypes.

>>Go to OMIM    >>Go to Tips


I need to find a nucelotide
and/or amino acid sequence.

>>Go to ENTREZ   >>Go to Tips


I want to find proteins with a similar sequence to Factor X.
>>Go to BLAST   >>Go to Tips


I want to explore the 3D structure
of a protein.

>>Go to Structure   >>Go to Tips