Annual Wallenberg Tributewallenberg statue


Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Budapest Jews from the Nazis during the last year of WWII.  He was taken into Soviet custody just days after Budapest was liberated and was never again accounted for by Western sources; some Soviet reports put his death in 1947 in a Moscow prison.

Each year since 1984, Muhlenberg College and the IJCU have paid tribute to his courageous moral action on behalf of others with a public presentation by a significant scholar or public figure.  Since the Institute’s inception in 1989, the event has included the honoring each year of one or more local individuals who are recognized for their courageous moral action on behalf of others.

Beginning in 2004, the Jeanette Eichenwald Interfaith Award has been presented to one or more Muhlenberg College students who have been active in interfaith understanding.  The Wallenberg Dinner is a key fund-raising fixture for the IJCU; individuals, congregations, companies and organizations have the opportunity to attend, to sponsor tables and to make contributions in the name of Wallenberg and the annual honorees.

Past Honorees:
1992  Ira Born                      
1993  Dr. Darrell Jodock        
1994  The Rev. Harold S. Weiss and Irvin J. Borowsky       
1995  Dr. Eugene J. Fisher                      
1996  Drs. Roy and Alice Eckardt          
1997  The Rev. Edward Flannery           
1998  Joseph and Rita Scheller 
1999  The Rev. Dr. William P. Barker
2000  Bernard Frank, Esq. and Dr. Jonathan Tenzer
2001  Arthur R. and Kathryn P. Taylor
2002  Jeanette Eichenwald
2003  Jeanette and William Seaman
2004  The Rev. Dr. Franklin Sherman
2005  Alvin Mishkin
2006  The Rev. Dr. John Reumann
2007  Cerf & Lee Berkley and Ralph & Roberta Longsworth

2008  The Rev. Daniel Gambet
2009  Patty Carlis
2010  Rev. Dr. Christine Nelson
2011  Rabbi Dr. Irving R. Greenberg
2012  The Rev. Dr. Walter Wagner
2013  Ilene Wood