Muhlenberg College

Through the wisdom, dedication, and hard work of those who have gone before us, Muhlenberg has achieved a distinguished reputation among America's undergraduate liberal arts institutions.  We believe that thoughtful, inclusive strategic planning is essential to our continued progress and success.  The College has recently completed the fifth year of its most recent strategic plan, The Talents Entrusted to Our Care, a plan that strengthened Muhlenberg’s educational program, facilities, and financial condition in many important ways. A brief retrospective of that Strategic Plan, as well as an outline of the current planning process, can be found in a memo distributed to the Campus Community by President Helm on July 31, 2009. The entire original plan, with annual updates on its implementation, can be found here.

Now it is time for a new planning process to guide our decision-making for the next five years.  Because our resources are limited, we need to make careful choices.  Because we can only achieve ambitions worthy of this great institution if we work together, our strategic plan will need to represent a shared and aspirational vision of our common future.  Planning requires us to think deeply and creatively about the challenges that face our college, our society, and our world, and to consult broadly with Muhlenberg’s many stakeholders in charting a course that will position our College for continued preeminence in the years ahead.

This website provides information about our planning efforts so that this new process can be as transparent and inclusive as possible.