The Best According to Muhlenberg


The Best According to Muhlenberg

A liberal arts education, we all agree, is not bounded by classroom walls.  It is a lifelong enterprise pursued by inquiring minds that are always open to new possibilities, perspectives, and experiences – and always willing to share new insights.  “The Best According to Muhlenberg” is a new initiative designed to allow Muhlenberg faculty and staff to bring their favorite books, poems, plays, music, and works of art, to the attention of the College's student and alumni community.

I invite you to share your brief recommendations and reviews of your favorite works with others through a web-based process that may ultimately produce a searchable database and a printed publication for distribution to seniors, alumni, and others. Follow the link below to submit your contribution.

Many thanks,
Randy Helm

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Sample Submission

Title:  The Iliad
Author:  Homer
Category:  Books-Plays-Poetry
Homer's Iliad is deservedly the foundation of western culture and classical literature.  Vivid, multi-layered, testosterone-fueled, and concerned with ultimate human issues of pride, anger, love, patriotism, loyalty, and the tension between divine aspirations and mortal limitations, The Iliad is eternal in its appeal and unmatched in its artistry.  My favorite translation is Richmond Lattimore's because it is closest to the experience of reading The Iliad in the original Greek.  The hallmarks of the epic style – formulaic language, heroic epithets, the detailed descriptions of material culture, hospitality rituals, and the vivid similes – come through handsomely in Lattimore's translation.  You can't claim to be liberally educated if you haven't read The Iliad at least once.
Submitted by Randy Helm, Faculty