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Dr. Roland Kushner knows that management skills can’t be taught in a vacuum. Instead, he requires his students to shadow and research organizations to show how concepts learned in a classroom are applied in different industries.

Kushner, assistant professor of accounting, business and economics, teaches Management, a core course for business majors at Muhlenberg College.

“Most of these students have had one or two summer jobs,” says Kushner. “They’re full-time students, so they don’t have a lot of experience with management in today’s business, nonprofit, or government organizations.”

The students in Kushner’s class focus on organizations that are within Muhlenberg College’s structure, but still retain their own management structure, leadership and individual staffs. This semester, students are studying Muhlenberg’s Career Center, Office of Information Technology, Campus Safety, Dining Services and Alvin H. Butz, Inc., the construction company overseeing the expansion of Seegers Union on campus.

In teams of three or four, the students learn how both traditional and emerging techniques apply to management.

Junior Kristen Galgano, a business administration major concentrating in marketing, junior Patrick McDonough, a business administration and finance dual major, and junior Louis Greco are working with the Public Safety department on campus.

“We’ve been able to interview possible officers for an open position in Campus Safety,” says Kristen. “We learned about the requirements of the different positions and how the interviewing process for those positions takes place.”

Kushner’s students appreciate the hands-on learning the class requires. “I’m not just sitting in class, taking notes or listening to lectures,” says Patrick. “I’m actually out in the field understanding management first-hand.”

Nicole Notarianni ’10, a media & communication major and business administration minor sees the class as an opportunity for growth when she attends law school next year.

“It’s great to be able to observe the team dynamic, task dispersion and problem-solving strategies needed to complete a project successfully,” says Nicole.  “This class has made me aware of management tactics I’m sure I’ll be able to utilize to be successful.”

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